3rd RHoK from the South

rhoksoton211First we RHoKed it, then we RHoKed it again and now I’m happy to announce I will running the 3rd global RHoK in Southampton as well. Again with help from Alejandro Saucedo and HackaSoton.

During the weekend of 1-2 June 2013, The University of Southampton will be one of the satellite cities as part of the global Random Hacks of Kindness Event!

Click here for the detailed programme

Twitter hashtag: #rhoksoton

Eventbrite - Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) Southampton

* Updates:

For those who don’t know, a RHoK (founded by Google, Microsoft, Nasa, and others) is all about bringing domain experts, programmers, and makers together for a weekend in order to solve problems related to humanity and international development. They are an awesome way to learn something new, test your skills, meet new people, and do something for the good of the world (for more details see The RHoK FAQ).

We can still use more subject experts and sponsors. If you have a problem that falls within the RHoK scope and would like to have a bunch of smart people work on it: tell me and come along! Likewise, if you are a company or institution, how about giving your image a boost by sponsoring some pizza, t-shirts, merchandise, or a prize.

So if you are in the area and you think this sounds interesting please do register. You do not have to be a programmer to participate! In particular we also want to invite people who are into hardware, sensors, electronics, 3D printing, etc. But even if you are not a technical person there are still many ways you can contribute.

Any further tips, questions, ideas, suggestions….get in touch!


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