Random Hacks of Kindness in Southampton!

The gist: RHoK is great, come present your problem, or come learn something new or come sponsor a prize. But above all, come have fun! (June 2-3).

Twitter hashtag: #RHoKSoton

In one of my previous posts I talked about bringing engineers and computer scientists  together who were interested in helping to solve problems related to humanity and international development.

Well, we haven’t even had our first meeting yet (its this Thursday, 3pm @ UoS, Highfield campus, staffclub, if you want to come along) but Im already very happy and proud to say that we will be having our first event in 3 weeks time: During the weekend of 2-3 June 2012, Southampton University will be one of the satellite cities as part of the global Random Hacks of Kindness Event!

I have attended RHoK events before and think they are an awesome way to learn something new, test your skills, meet new people, and do something for the good of the world. My calendar told me the next global event was looming so I went ahead and put in an application to host one here. I just got the news that it was accepted so now the fun starts 🙂 If you have no idea what RHoK is about, scroll to the bottom of this post.

There is still a lot to do, most importantly we need subject experts and sponsors. If you have a problem that falls within the RHoK scope and would like to have a bunch of smart people work on it: come along! Likewise, if you are a company or institution how about giving your image a boost by sponsoring some pizza, tshirts, merchandise, or a prize.

Finally, if you are interested in this kind of thing please do register and come along. You do not have to be a hardcore programmer to participate!

Currently Tim Davies and Jack Townsend have been awesome enough to help out but we can always use another pair of hands.

Any further tips, questions, ideas, suggestions….get in touch!


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What is RHoK about:
Imagine a future where community and non-profit organizations have access to top-notch developer talent from around the world. In such a future, we could unleash the unlimited potential of technology to make it a better place. We could quickly build powerful and meaningful solutions to critical problems like natural resource management and disaster management, which could result in millions of lives bettered or saved. The Random Hacks of Kindess team is working to make this future a reality, today.
Twice a year, RHoK brings together developers, designers, and managers in cities around the world, who team up with local community representatives in search of technology solutions to local and global issues. Each RHoK event is structured as a two-day marathon of hacking where developers have a set amount of time to solve the challenges they are given. At the end, a panel of judges reviews the solutions. The winning teams are rewarded with prizes, and the chance to see their applications get massive traction in real-life situations.

While solving high-impact problems, one of the main aims of RHoK events is to make it engaging for people while they’re at it.

  • Developers, designers, and product managers have the opportunity to network with their peers from the local community, showcase their talents, and engage in what they truly love doing.
  • Subject matter experts get to meet their colleagues and gather information about the broad range of efforts in the region. They also get to drive teams to build solutions to the issues they are most passionate about.
  • Speakers and judges have the opportunity to inspire a crowd of people to build solutions that are truly world-changing.
  • Sponsors of the event can represent their companies and spread the word about the work they do. If a sponsor is offering a data set or API to power problem solutions at the event, they also have an opportunity to generate some buzz about these.

(Text shamelessly copied from the Austin RHoK team)

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